2010 President’s Lunch

FIWAL’s 2010-2011 President Neena Dugal welcomed past presidents, delegates, and their guests for a luncheon held at the Lansdowne Club on November 22nd. Guest speaker Donna Thomson, shown below at the lectern, spoke movingly about her life as the mother of a severely disabled child and the challenges she has faced in securing both value and dignity to her son’s life. Donna’s advocacy work for her son and others has been greatly influenced by Amartya Sen and other philosophers’ roadmaps of how to realise a good life against all odds. You can find out more about Donna’s work and recently published book, “The Four Walls of My Freedom” by clicking here.

Photos from the luncheon are shown here (click on each to enlarge). You can read Mona Dahdaleh’s full writeup about the event in the January 2011 issue of Dateline.

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