New Website

FIWAL has updated its website! If you are used to the old site, we hope you find this new design easy to use (and pleasing on the eye). Although most of the information found on the old site has been transferred to this new one, we’ve had to move some things around, and of course we’ve introduced some new features.

The most important change for FIWAL is that the new site should be easier for us to keep up to date – and therefore more useful for members of our Associations – with more news items, and more events listed on the site.

As with any new site, we’ll be listening to your feedback to make improvements over the coming weeks and months. Is there something you would like to see or hear about? Is there something on the site that seems confusing or not as clear as it should be? Our volunteer website manager, Barbara Richards, would be happy to hear from you (don’t be shy)! You can reach her through the normal FIWAL email address. See our Contact page for details.

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