President’s Message February 2020

Dear Ladies

In beginning a New Year we usually take time to look ahead and make plans for the future, in the form of New Year’s resolutions. Common themes are work (paid or voluntary), family, learning something new and taking care of our health.

Our Biannual Conference: Monday 20th April 2020 – Women’s Health – A Positive Future, will encourage us to do just that, manage our body and mind in a more informed and constructive way. Save the date, you will be updated on the details as soon as they become available.

When considering your New Year’s resolutions, taking a medium to long view e.g. looking two to five years ahead, takes the urgency away and helps to keep your chosen goals in persective, its not a competition but a means of improving our lifestyle.

Do include something you can do to address climate change. It’s one of the biggest problems we face and every little we do helps, and sets an example to others. Think about what you buy, how you travel and how you dispose of items. There are lots of sites to visit and a number of informative BBC and other programmes to watch. To keep up I prefer websites I can dip into over a coffee therefore, at the moment, my favourite is the NASA one for “Kids” and due to the catastrophc fires in Australia which gives brief updates on action being taken to address this horendous problem and the wider issues of climate change. We are all affected by climate change and we should all be involved in whatever way we can to slow down the destruction and repair, to preserve our only home, planet Earth.

If you are eager to have updates on the coronavirus, now declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the latest information and advice, GOV.UK Coronavirus, updated 2pm daily.

I attended the Australia Day luncheon on 24th January by kind invitation of Belinda Miles, President of The Australia Women’s Club London. This year’s theme was “Singing and Dancing Showcase.” It was a wonderful occasion with a three part harmony group “The Girl’s from Oz”. The atmosphere was ‘electric’ Australian women know how to celebrate!

I was lovely to see so many Club officers and representatives at our Board Meeting on January 20th. Gael Panhelleux of FOCUS gave an excellent presentation on Maintaining and Increasing Membership. Gael gave us practical tips that are easy to incorporate into our strategy.

On 22nd January Zehan and I attended the very enjoyable FOCUS Annual Party.

I’m looking forward to Wednesday 26th February 2020 to an evenng of culture, food and music to be held at the Residence of the Turkish Ambassador. Tickets have almost sold out so please see details in Dateline and make your booking asap. This promises to be a very lovely evening.

Dateline, as ever, is full of interesting events and I hope to get to as many as possible over the next few months and look forward to seeing you.

Warm wishes
Siobhan Hamilton-Phillips President FIWAL

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