President’s Message March 2020

Dear Ladies,

On the tail of February, March “arrives like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” I have known better Februaries, however the weather report for February 2020 was a high of 47degrees Farenheight and a low of 31degrees Farenheight. This would have been more evident if it wasn’t for the very strong winds, Storms Denis, flooding and even snow a few days ago.

We now have the threat of the Coronavirus. Last month I gave you the GOV.UK Coronavirus email address to use for daily updates. I have since discovered a very good BBC site:  I have taken to wearing gloves to avoid touching handles and hand rails and I carry hand gel as well as tissues. Sneezing from and touching an infected person are the main ways the virus spreads.

On a brighter note we had a wonderful evening of culture, food and music at the magnificent Turkish Ambassadorial Residence, by the kind invitation of His Excellency Ambassador Yalcin and Mrs Gul Yalcin. Pricilla Mary Isin gave a very interesting illustrated talk on her book “Bountiful Empire, A History of Ottoman Cuisine.” And we were entertained by two young ladies, both musical scholars who tackled some difficult works with great success by Eric Satie, and Maurice Ravel. The buffet food was very colourful and most delicious, also beautifully displayed in large silver serving dishes. The  hospitality we received will be long remembered by all those who attended, as witnessed by a long list of emails I received by so many of you who participated. This event was sold out early and had an eager waiting list, from which a few people managaed to acquire places.

Dateline, as ever, is full of interesting events and I hope to get to as many as possible over the next few months.

With warm wishes,

SiobhanSiobhan Hamilton-Phillips
President FIWAL

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