The Federation of International Women’s Associations in London (FIWAL)

Our mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise between member organizations. FIWAL’s formation in March 1986 stemmed from the strong belief that, if women of different races, religions and cultures from national associations could meet in a strictly non-political but structured and relaxed manner, they would find common ground through shared interests which would benefit their organisations and individual membership. FIWAL’s members grow in understanding, and, from that understanding mutual support and strength flourish.

FIWAL also organizes several events of its own to provide a forum for its members. As well as the prestigious Biennial Conference covering current issues, we offer –

  • Seasonal Gala fund-raising events, often held jointly with Diplomatic missions.
  • The Biennial Spring lunch with distinguished speakers, held on alternate years to the Conference.

How we work
Each member Association may elect up to three member representatives to FIWAL and at least one represents her Association on FIWAL’s Board of Directors which meets three times a year. The Board elects an Executive Committee which is responsible for the day to day operation of FIWAL. You can read our full constitution here.

Executive Committee as of August 2022

Zehan Albarkri-Verden
a member of the Pan Asian Women’s Association

Honorary Secretary
Ameeta Sabharwal
a member of The Women’s Council

Honorary Treasurer
Sylvia Wallach
a member of The American Women’s Club of London

Membership Officer

Events Team
Lynn Assadi
a member of The Iranian Women’s Association

Christine Wong
a member of South East Asian Women’s Club

Jennie Parrish
a member of  the Australian Women’s Club

Lamees Ibrahim
a member of The Women’s Council and KCWC

Dateline Editor/Social Media
Susan Jahanshahi
a member of KCWC and The Hampstead Women’s Club

Immediate Past President
Siobhan Hamilton-Phillips
a member of Commonwealth Countries League

Barbara Richards
a member of The Canadian Women’s Club

Past Presidents continue to work with the Executive on an Advisory Committee.