Constitution and History

You can read our full constitution here: FIWAL Constitution (2019)

The idea of a Federation was conceived at a luncheon attended by five national association Presidents at the South African Embassy in 1986. Soon thereafter, it was proposed to international clubs in London and 50 women from around the globe came to an initial meeting at the iconic Café Royal. Finding much common ground, organisational matters were put in place and FIWAL was born. Later that year, an international coffee morning was held at the historic Banqueting Hall in Whitehall that attracted 460 women!

Initially, 14 clubs came together to form the Federation, to share ideas and to benefit from the experiences of others. From the outset, conferences were organized to highlight its cross-cultural nature and to promote understanding.

Currently, a total of 32 clubs share programmes to enable their members to learn not only about different cultures and customs but also what we have in common – the basis for true friendship and understanding.

Joan Cristofani, Australian Women’s Club
Jocelyn Jones, Welcome To London International Club
Latifa Kosta, Arab Women’s Council
Pauline MacKinnon, Canadian Women’s Club
Anita Worrall, South African Women’s Club


1986-1988 – Jocelyn Jones – Welcome To London International Club
1988-1990 – Joan Cristofani – Australian Women’s Club
1990-1991 – Mitsi David – Lyceum of Greek Women
1991-1994 – Latifa Kosta – Arab Women’s Council
1994-1996 – Barbara Frey – American Women’s Club
1996-1998 – Philippa Griffin – South African Women’s Club
1998-2000 – Haifa Al-Kaylani – Arab Women’s Association
2000-2002 – Aysin Yilmaz – Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association
2002-2004 – Elisa Provini-Walker – Il Circolo
2004-2006 – Mona Dahdaleh – Canadian Women’s Club
2006-2008 – Lady (Joan) Kings Norton – The Women’s Council, Corona Worldwide
2008-2011 – Neena Dugal – Women’s India Association of the UK
2011-2012 – Margaret Wickware – Canadian Women’s Club
2012-2015 – Hulya Kocu – The Women’s Council
2015-2017 – Caroline Muir – The Women’s Council
2017-2019 – Laura Schapira – American Women’s Club & Hampstead Women’s Club
2019-2021 – Siobhan Hamilton-Phillips – Commonwealth Countries League