President’s Message

June 2019

Dear Ladies,

This is my final message as FIWAL’s President and as always these things are bittersweet. It has truly been an honour to serve in this role for the past two years. I look back and reflect on the events and what we have achieved together but mostly I value the friendships made and the spirit and warmth that is evident whenever FIWAL ladies gather together.

I have had the good fortune of working with a fabulous Executive Committee with their great talent and commitment to FIWAL. My sincerest thanks goes to all of them and to the Advisory Committee for their ongoing support. There are many people that have helped to make it all possible and I would like particularly to thank Caroline Muir who has mentored me during this time and always been there when I needed her.

Sadly, several Executive Committee Members are stepping down at the end of this term. I’d like to recognise and thank Fatimah Sa’adon Gammage, Moya Gibbon and Rose Naigaga-Gugan for their contributions and hard work on behalf of FIWAL. Both Fatimah and Moya have each served on the committee for over fifteen years. You will all be greatly missed.

We will gather together in celebration on 11 June for the AGM and Garden Party. It will be the perfect way to welcome our new President and Executive Committee and look to the future for FIWAL and all of our Member Clubs.

In parting, let’s all be reminded of bonds that are strengthened through cultural understanding and friendship — the ideals that make FIWAL so special.

With good wishes for the summer and beyond,


Laura Schapira
President, FIWAL

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