President’s Message

August 2019

Dear Ladies,

As we move from summer to autumn we leave behind a glorious long weekend of sunshine. I hope you have been able to enjoyed this as much as I have. Now as many of us return to our schedules it is important to have special occasions to look forward to.

Our Board Meeting on 14th October will be held at the Lansdowne Club and you will be pleased to hear we have a very uplifting topic. Our speaker Marta Peel Yates will be introducing us to new ways of thinking about presentation: ‘Coaching in Style’. I have had a preview and I can promise there will be plenty of ideas to share and lots of fun.

There are many excellent events being offered on our International Dateline. Thank you all for the effort you have extended in securing interesting venues and for organising the talks, visits and lunches. I hope to be able to share some of them with you in September and through the year ahead.

I very much look forward to seeing you at the Board meeting.

With my best wishes

Siobhan Hamilton-Phillips
President, FIWAL

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