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FIWAL at home event

This event is in support of Earth Day

Free admission with an optional donation to
Operation Future Hope, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to educate and inspire young people about the urgent need for ecological restoration, starting in their school grounds.

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Julia HailesJulia Hailes MBE
Campaigning, Thinking, Writing, Learning, Advising, Challenging, Doing, Experimenting & Speaking

Julia started her career in advertising and TV production before travelling to South and Central America. This was the inspiration for becoming an environmentalist. Since then, she has become a leading opinion former, consultant and speaker on sustainability issues. In 1987 she co-founded environmental think tank SustainAbility advising numerous companies and NGOs on issues such as eco-labelling, waste, recycling, packaging, detergents, energy, climate change and deforestation. She has been a director or trustee of several organisations including Jupiter Global Green, Keep Britain Tidy, the Haller Foundation and more recently the Big Yellow self-storage company, CHASE Africa and the Rubbish Project. In 1992, Julia was elected to the UN Global 500 Roll of Honour for outstanding environmental achievement, and in 1999 was awarded an MBE.

Julia will talk to @Home with FIWAL about some of the green hats she has been wearing in the last 35 years since she started as a pioneer in the environmental movement. This includes teaming up with John Elkington – with whom she wrote eight of her nine books, including the million-selling Green Consumer Guide; getting caught up in a legal battle with McDonalds; campaigning on plastic bags; championing renewable energy; rewilding at her home in Dorset; setting up an African NGO; and becoming a bit of an expert on green death.

This will be followed by questions on any green issue you want to raise.  Click here for more information about Julia.

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Tuesday 8 June 2021

For more information contact  events@fiwal.org.uk

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