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This page provides a brief description of each of FIWAL’s member organisations in alphabetical order, with a full list at the bottom of this page. Websites and email links are provided where available but if not shown,  please contact FIWAL for further information. FIWAL also welcomes new members. To find out more, click here.

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American Women’s Club of London (AWC) – Founded in 1899, for more than 120 years the American Women’s Club of London has provided a welcoming community for expat women living overseas.  The club’s principal objectives are to provide educational, social, cultural, and philanthropic activities (with its partner charities) while offering friendship and a support system for fellow Americans living in Britain, as well as women of every nationality.  The AWC is proud to be a founding member of the Federation of Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO). AWC Website.  Contact by Email.

Arab Women’s Association (AWA) – The Arab Women’s Association (AWA) is a UK registered charity founded by a group of women whose aim is to help the needy and the under-privileged in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. The AWA has worked in association with Save The Children’s Fund and UNICEF UK.  The organisation is committed to support a large number of children through its Children’s Fund Programme. Formed in 1983 this programme aids orphans, handicapped children and poor families living in camps. It further supports these children, as they grow, to take up vocational training which helps them to secure a profession. Amongst other projects which the AWA sponsors is a Revolving Fund Programme and a project which offers psychiatric help to traumatised women and children. The AWA raises funds by holding social and cultural events.  Contact by Email.

Association of Spouses of African High Commissioners and Ambassadors in United Kingdom (ASAHCA-UK) – The main purpose of ASAHCA-UK is to propagate greater understanding and knowledge of the rich and diverse African cultures and promote the image of Africa in the United Kingdom. The association also supports humanitarian and technical development projects in the African continent by organizing fundraising events. Contact by Email.

Association of Turkish Women in Britain – The Association of Turkish Woman in Britain (ATWIB) was established in 2002 as a voluntary-based organization with charitable aims. The Association organizes social, cultural, educational and recreational activities aimed at encouraging friendship and strengthening solidarity between Turkish women residing in Britain. In a relatively short period of time the association’s voluntary efforts and fundraising has helped many organizations and projects. ATWIB have made donations to numerous charities and give valuable support to educational projects for the unprivileged both here and abroad. The Honorary President of the Association is the spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Britain. Being a proud member of FIWAL; ATWIB is also an active and prominent member of the Federation of Turkish Associations in the UK (FTA UK). ATWIB Website. Contact by Email.

Australian Women’s Club – Founded in 1985 the AWC invites all Australian women, and those with a close association with Australia, to join us in an inclusive, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Membership of the Club opens the doors to a varied range of social, educational and cultural activities enabling you to make friends easily and enjoy your time in the UK. Our activities are mainly held during the day but we also have some evening activities so those working can join in on the fun too! Our membership base ranges from long-term residents to those newly arrived and this provides a great level of knowledge, experience and expertise that is shared freely. Please visit our website to find out more about us and we look forward to hearing from you. AWC Website. Facebook.  Contact by Email.

AWBS International Women’s Club – AWBS International Women’s Club is a sisterhood of international and local women living in Berkshire and Surrey, who come together to enhance their UK experience through fun and fulfilling volunteer-run activities. AWBS Website Contact by Email.

Azerbaijani Women’s Association in the UK (AWA UK) – AWA UK was established in October 2017 with an aim to connect Azerbaijani women living in the UK and to provide a social forum to reinvigorate their Azerbaijani networks. It was founded by Mrs. Ulviyya Taghizadeh, the spouse of H.E. Tahir Taghizadeh (Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UK). Mrs Taghizadeh is the Honorary President of AWA UK. Activities of AWA UK include networking, cultural gatherings and fundraising events. AWA UK Website.

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Barcarolle Choir – Created in 2012 Barcarolle Choir is an international group of women who love singing, friendship and fun. Whether you are an experienced singer looking for new musical challenges, or you are looking to give singing a try for the first time, Barcarolle Choir is for you. Comprising two choirs (The Belters and The Divas), Barcarolle offers something to all musical tastes and abilities. Under the baton of the professional singer, Sam Evans, the choir focuses on vocal training and repertoire expansion always in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. The choir rehearses every Thursday at lunchtime at St Cuthbert’s Church, Earl’s Court. BC Website. Contact by Email.

Canadian Women’s Club (CWC) – The CWC was founded in 1932. Membership is mainly Canadian women and those who have interest in Canada. The club is social for its members but several fundraising functions are organized to raise money to support Canadian Veterans and their families who live in the United Kingdom and for a scholarship fund for Canadian post- graduate students to study in the United Kingdom. CWC Website. Contact by Email.

Chilean Ladies Group – The Group was formed to provide support and friendship to the wives of diplomats who work in London. Funds raised at monthly social events, normally coffee mornings and visits to historic places, are donated to charities who look after children in Chile.
Contact the President, Maria Elvira Berho by Email.

Commonwealth Countries’ League (CCL) – The CCL was founded in 1952 to secure equality of liberties, status and opportunities between men and women and to promote mutual understanding in those countries which make up today’s Commonwealth. Since 1967, the CCL has run a sponsorship scheme to help underprivileged girls of high academic ability to finish secondary school in their own country. To date, 1,200 girls have been sponsored. CCL Website. Contact by Email.


Commonwealth Girls’ Education Fund (CGEF) ‘Educate a girl, Empower a woman, Inspire a community, Change a life!’ The CGEF sponsors the schooling of bright but disadvantaged girls across the Commonwealth who would otherwise miss out on a secondary education, helping to shape the world for future generations. CGEF Website. Contact by Email.

CORONA Worldwide (Women’s Corona Society) – Corona Worldwide (formerly Women’s Corona Society) was founded in 1950 and we have just celebrated 60 years. Corona’s aims are to provide support and education for women going overseas, as well as a range of services in the UK. We have 19 UK Branches and 20 Overseas Branches. We offer a briefing service for women and men embarking on their overseas postings, giving a more personal insight in what to expect in a new country. CORONA Website. Contact by Email.

European Women’s Association in the UK (EWA.UK) – Founded by Dr. Inna Maks in 2020 EWA.UK European Women’s Association in the UK is at the forefront, representing European women across the country and instilling valuable foundations for well-being. It is a non-profit organisation, created to promote optimal health and better quality of life with the aim of bringing European women living in the UK closer to their home communities. EWA.UK Website. Contact by Email.

Hampstead Women’s Club – The Hampstead Women’s Club (HWC) is a multinational social organisation that promotes social contact and friendship among members by providing general meetings, activities, interest groups and events for the Club members. HWC Website.  Contact by Email.

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Iranian Women’s Association (IWA) – The Iranian Women’s Association is the first and only UK-based international members association for Iranian women. We are committed to building a global network of Iranian female professionals. IWA is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious membership association which promotes its aims without regard as to race, language or ethnicity. IWA is not involved in any activities that are, directly or indirectly, related to women’s rights. IWA Website. Contact.

Japanese Women’s Association GB – JWAGB was established in 1956.  Their general aim is to educate and acclimate Japanese women living in the UK by hosting social events to network and fundraising events for certain causes, for example the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. JWAGB Facebook Contact by Email

KCWC (Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club) – is an organisation of international and British women offering activities lectures, courses and special events, as well as monthly general meetings with prestigious speakers. Founded in 1983, we aim to foster interaction and friendship among women while helping to enrich them through social, education and cultural activities. One need not be a resident of RBKC to belong to our club, nor are their any age or nationality restrictions for membership.   kcwc Website. Contact by Email.

Londres Accueil – The Association is a not-for-profit organization, the aim of which is to welcome and integrate French speaking persons settling in London and the surrounding area, as well as to organize various activities which facilitate friendly contact. Londres Accueil was founded 25 years ago. Londres Accueil Website. Contact by Email.

Lykion Ton Hellinidon (Lyceum of Greek Women) – The Lykion Ton Hellinidon was established in London in 1979 and set as its objectives the study, preservation, promotion and propagation of all aspects of the Hellenic cultural heritage. In order to pursue our aims efficiently, we have created separate sections which deal with the arts, folkloric music, dance and costumes, publishing and the young. Social events, organised by the Lykion during the year, are all manifestations of our desire to make a contribution towards enriching the lives of our members and of our British friends. Lyceum Website. Contact by Email.

New Zealand Women’s Association – Formed in 1930, the Association was established as a focus for women who have a strong connection with New Zealand and who wish to enjoy the company of like-minded women whilst living in the UK. The very active committee organises an exciting and varied programme of events throughout the year for members and their guests. This includes a stimulating mix of visits and outings to places of interest; regular lunches with speakers which are held in the stunning Penthouse Suite of New Zealand House; and trips to Europe. Although not a registered charity, the Association works closely with the New Zealand High Commission and the New Zealand Society to raise funds for specific causes e.g. the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the WW100 Commemorative Project. Our Association is one of the most cheerful and thriving associations in London and plays an important part in our members lives.  NZWA Website. Contact by Email.

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Pan Asian Women’s Association (PAWA) – PAWA is a UK registered charity that focuses on a single purpose: to support teenage girls education in Asia. PAWA aims to bring together individuals and organisations to help support small grassroot projects that empower women through education as well as raise the profile of Asian women in UK. PAWA covers 32 Asian countries and regions that extend from Japan to Iran and Central Asia to Indonesia. PAWA is professionally managed by a dedicated group of volunteers and over 95% of income from donations and events are used effectively to offer teenage girls from deprived communities the opportunity to continue in education, learn a skill so they can be independent and in turn, able to help their families. Since its launch in 2009, PAWA has helped 23 grassroot projects in 12 Asian countries and reached over 12000 girls. PAWA holds public events as well as private events for PAWA supporters that include talks, panel discussions, festival dinners, Embassy receptions and sponsored walks. Join as a PAWA Friend or Benefactor to support our cause and have access to our activities. PAWA Website.  Contact by Email.

Rwandan Sisterhood AssociationContact by Email.

South East Asian Women’s ClubContact by Email.

SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan – The SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Supporters’ Group was formed in 1996 to support SOS Children’s Villages in Pakistan through fundraising and child sponsorships. SOS Children’s Villages operate throughout the world in 124 countries and are largest orphan and abandoned children’s charity. Founded in 1949, the vision is “a loving home for every child” and we think our unique approach is the best for children and child sponsors alike. We give these children a mother and a family in a home within an SOS Children’s Village. Donations pay to build the Villages and run them until child sponsors cover the running costs. By breaking the cycle of deprivation and giving children the love they crave, generations of children have grown up and become an asset to society. Our supporters also help a million children and their families through our programmes in the surrounding communities. SOS Website. Contact by Email.

Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA) – A voluntary registered charity, TWPA aims to provide medical supplies and financial help to those in need, social events provide the funding and also provide opportunities for Turkish women to meet. Regular health projects and seminars are organized. Contact by Email.

Ukrainian Cultural Association in the UK (UCA – UK) – The UCA – UK aims to showcase Ukrainian and International talent and culture on national and global platforms, to improve our nation’s narrative and perceptions, providing exciting opportunities for our people. UCA-UK Website.  Contact by Email. Instagram.

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Welcome Clubs International – Founded for the promotion of international understanding and friendship by way of monthly meetings, at which the cultures and customs of other nationalities are presented. Welcome Clubs Intl Website.

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Welcome to LondonWTC Website.

The Women’s Council – The aims of the Council are: 1) to promote friendship and cooperation between women of Asian countries and the UK and 2) to raise funds for the Training and Scholarship Programme. The Training and Scholarship Programme supports the training of women working in community disability programmes in Asia to improve the care of, and promote the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream education, and all services and opportunities available to their peers. The Council supports two courses, one based in Mumbai, India serving candidates from Asia and Asia Pacific, and a second based in Cairo, which operates throughout the Middle East. The Council has 26 participating Asian/Asian Pacific/Arab member countries, and the female Heads of Mission or the wives of Heads of Mission to the Court of St James are the Patrons of the Council. Women’s Council Website. Contact by Email. Alternate Email.

Women’s India Association of the UK – Aims to support medical and educational charities for women and children both in India and the UK; to help in times of natural disasters; and to promote friendship and understanding between the UK and India. Contact by Email.

American Women’s Club of London (AWC)

Arab Women’s Association (AWA)

Association of Spouses of African High Commissioners and Ambassadors in United Kingdom (ASAHCA-UK)

Association of Turkish Women in Britain

Australian Women’s Club (AWC)

AWBS International Women’s Club

Azerbaijani Women’s Association in the UK (AWAUK)

Barcarolle Choir

Canadian Women’s Club (CWC)

Chilean Ladies Group

Commonwealth Countries’ League (CCL)

Commonwealth Girls’ Education Fund

Corona Worldwide (Women’s Corona Society)

European Women’s Association in the UK (EWA.UK)

FOCUS Information Services

Hampstead Women’s Club

Iranian Women’s Association

Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club (KCWC)

London Ladies Club

Londres Accueil

Lykion Ton Hellinidon

New Zealand Women’s Association

Pan Asian Women’s Association (PAWA)

Rwandan Sisterhood Association

South East Asian Women’s Club

S.O.S. Children’s Villages of Pakistan

Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA)

Ukrainian Cultural Association in the UK (UCA – UK)

Welcome Clubs International

Welcome to London International Club

Women’s Council

Women’s India Association of the UK