For more than 20 years, FIWAL has acted as an umbrella organisation for international women’s associations based in and around London. With 30 member clubs and an aggregate membership of nearly 3,500 women, FIWAL’s aim is to broaden friendship, understanding and communication amongst the international women’s associations in London. 

FIWAL promotes the activities of its member clubs so that individuals of these clubs can attend events that will enable them to experience cultures other than their own. Besides the social value of these events, funds are often raised to assist with charitable causes relating to their homeland or their local communities here in the UK.

As well, FIWAL organizes a conference every other year to enable delegates to hear distinguished speakers addressing current affairs and societal issues, oftentimes pertaining to women. Through these opportunities, the mission of FIWAL has thrived.

To find out what makes FIWAL so unique and why we care so greatly about building friendships and joining together with women of so many nationalities, cultures and religions, please read the About FIWAL page.